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Find out what keywords your competitors are ranking on to optimize your ad and catapult your sales and conversion rate with a simple reverse ASIN search

CEREBRO ASIN INVERSE an incredible tool of HELIUM 10

Cerebro works on all 11 Amazon markets

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Characteristics of Helium 10 Cerebro

Here we are in the Helium 10 tool suite. The Helium 10 tools are updated regularly.

You may already be familiar with the MAGNET tool where you enter keywords to find products. Here it is exactly the opposite. We are going to do reverse engineering. Thanks to the Helium 10 CEREBRO tool, you enter the ASIN code of a competitor to discover all its keywords, this is what we call the REVERSE ASIN. It is simply very powerful.

If you are not yet a subscriber to the Helium 10 CEREBRO tool, you will have to go to the site " helium10.com " to get the tool. You will be able to choose a plan according to your needs. You can start with the Platinum plan which integrates the Helium 10 CEREBRO tool. But the nice thing about Helium 10 is that you can also choose the "a la carte" plan to subscribe only to the CEREBRO tool. In the price section you enter the discount code "AMZING" and validate. The cost is then only $37 per month. I put the link in the description that will allow you to get 50% off for the first month of subscription, that is $18.50. The prices will then update with 50% off for your first monthly payment. This will allow you to test the tool at a lower cost.

You can also choose the Platinum subscription, which will give you access to all the tools you need to develop your sales on Amazon FBA.

Now that you have the Helium 10 CEREBRO tool at your disposal, let's see the whole technique used by the best sellers to find the most efficient keywords.

The objective of the CEREBRO tool

Now you have to choose on Amazon's website a product similar to your product, same function, same size. The goal is to find all the keywords used by your competitors to reference their product. We need to find out "all" the keywords that your competitors have positioned in their product ads or in their PPC campaign.
You can then add these keywords to your own product listing. You will then insert them in order of importance:
  • In the title of your listing
  • In the Seller Central in the section "Keywords" and more precisely in the field "Search term"
  • In the Bullet points
And in the description of your product
This way you will tell Amazon that your product must be listed for these keywords in its search engine. Thanks to these keywords you will be able to position your product in the search results and in some ways sell it to your competitors.

Helium 10 CEREBRO Coupon

Step 1: Add your ASIN number to the Helium 10 CEREBRO tool

First of all you will paste the ASIN number of your own product into Helium 10 CEREBRO.

This is the product for which you want to find the best keywords.

Step 2: Identify the best competing products

You start a search on Amazon by entering the name of your product or a keyword that allows you to check your product. The result page will appear.

Helium 10 CEREBRO Xray

Here is how you can choose your competitors who sell the most on Amazon. You will first use the Chrome Extension of Helium 10 which is called XRAY, to identify the products that get the highest monthly revenue on Amazon.

This extension is completely free and is easily installed on your Chrome browser. To do this, you go to the Chrome web store page and run a search after typing in this field "HELIUM 10". And you validate the installation of the Chrome extension.

The XRAY extension will allow you to visualize in a summary table that appears in Popup, all the products of the results page with all the data necessary for an analysis and a decision price.

Helium 10 CEREBRO Xray

We will look at the "Income" column, because, while we are at it, we are looking for the competitors who have the highest turnover.

For your information, if you don't want to install this XRAY extension, you will be able to select the 5 best competitors based on their BSR ranking that you will find in the "Additional information" section just in front of the title "Amazon best sellers ranking".

Step 3: Copy the ASIN numbers of the best competing products

When you move your mouse over each ASIN number, the picture of each product with its description will appear in superimposition.

You will then select the ASIN numbers that correspond to the highest revenue. You will only copy the ASIN numbers of products that are really similar to your product. You should not choose a product only on the basis of the high income level, but you should choose a product that is really similar to your product.

You should also leave out sponsored products with the SP logo, which means that the seller pays for advertising to promote his product and get more sales.

Quatrième étape: Colle chaque numéro ASIN dans l'application CEREBRO

Helium 10 CEREBRO

In the Helium 10 application, you select the CEREBRO tool. Don't forget to select the marketplace "France" because you want to discover only the keywords for the amazon.fr website.

You find and copy the ASIN numbers of the 4 or 6 best products in terms of revenue. The ASIN number of each competing product can be found in the URL of the product listing just after the letters dp, or you can go to the "additional information" section and copy the same ASIN number.

And in this first field you copy and paste each ASIN number. Then you validate by clicking on the button "Get Keywords".

Helium 10 CEREBRO

Thanks to this application you will know the keywords, the exact phrases or sentences searched by the customers, the number of monthly searches, as well as the ranking of each keyword. CEREBRO will show you several hundred keywords. The number will vary depending on the product you are targeting. It would be completely impossible for you to find so many keywords. With a lot of imagination and research you can only find a few dozen keywords.

Step 5: Use the search filters

  • You will have to refine your keyword search by using filters.

    As you will test, the CEREBRO tool will find a very large number of keywords, i.e. several hundred, even several thousand keywords or keyword phrases. You will have to select only the most interesting keywords, the most efficient ones, and reduce the number of keywords to the essential ones, and for that you will use filters to keep only the most efficient and relevant keywords.

    You can then specify the search criteria, such as the minimum and maximum monthly searches for each keyword, the minimum and maximum IQ Score, the minimum and maximum natural ranking, etc.

    In Cerebro you will find a series of filters. Here are the main filters you will have to adjust.

  • The first filter you will have to use is the match type. You have the choice between keywords for natural referencing, paid referencing also called PPC for "Pay per Click" or recommended by Amazon. You will select the Organic referencing which corresponds to the natural referencing, for which you do not need to pay advertising fees. We don't deal with sponsored searches at the moment.
  • The second filter that you can refine is the natural ranking level called "Organic Rank". For example, you can select only those keywords that allow the product to rank between the first and third position. Because on Amazon buyers tend to click and buy only the products that are at the top of the search results page. They hardly ever go to the second page.
  • The third filter is the search volume. For example, you can select only those keywords that have a minimum volume of 2000 searches per month. This minimum number of searches can vary depending on your product. For some products you will select a minimum of 2000 searches per day, but if the product is a Best Seller, a product in high demand, you may have to increase the minimum number of searches and set a minimum of 10,000 daily searches for example.

As we have seen, the competition must be low. That is to say that for a given keyword, there are not too many competing products that appear in the search results. Because if you carry out PPC campaigns, the more competition there is, the higher the cost per click may be. So you should focus on keywords with low competition. You can limit the number of competing products for each keyword to 2000. Of course, you will get fewer keywords. But you will be able to use the most powerful keywords to position your product at the top of the search engine and steal sales from your competitors. Also when you invest cash in PPC campaigns, you will have to focus on the best keywords, because your finances will not be unlimited. CEREBRO You will be able to quickly optimize the profitability of your keywords by identifying the most searched keywords with a low competition, your PPC campaign could cost you very expensive. You will be able to concentrate your investment for your PPC campaigns only on the best keywords.

Of course, once you have set up your filters, you should not forget to remove from the keywords found the words corresponding to your competitors' brand.

Last step: List the keywords found by Helium 10 CEREBRO 

In the filter section you will be able to visualize the list of all the keywords found by the Helium 10 CEREBRO application for the ASIN numbers you have already examined.

In this column you can see the IQ Score for each keyword. This is a score established by the Helium 10 algorithm. The higher the IQ Score the more interesting the keyword is. Conversely, if the IQ Score is low, the keyword will not be interesting.

To put it simply, the IQ Score is a sort of ratio between the number of searches and the competition. By competition we mean the number of products found when a search is performed. So the more searches you do, the higher the IQ Score, the higher the competition, the lower the IQ Score.

You will be able to classify your keywords in descending order of the number of searches by clicking on this column header to immediately identify the most searched keywords.

Some keywords deserve the "Amazon'Choice" label. This means that these products sell very well on Amazon.

Helium 10 CEREBRO

As you can see, the CEREBRO tool will find you a very large number of keywords. You will have to select only the most interesting and efficient keywords and reduce the number of keywords.

Once you have applied your search filters and obtained the optimized list of keywords for your product, you can export your list of keywords in CSV or Excel format by clicking here.

By clicking on "Copy to Clipboard" you can copy all the keywords and then paste them into your manual PPC campaign. You will then be able to identify the best performing keywords in your manual PPC campaign, to know if it is necessary to increase or decrease the bids for each keyword and eventually to keep only the best ones.

This tool is really amazing because you will be able to identify the best keywords to optimize your product listing. These performing keywords will have to be added in the title of your listing, in the Bullet points, in the description and in the central seller in the section "keywords" in the field "search terms".

Helium 10 CEREBRO Coupon

Overall Score 5 / 5

Functionality: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5/5

Ease:             ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5/5

Speed:           ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5/5

Price:             ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5/5

Cerebro is surely one of the best tools in the Helium 10 suite.

Helium 10 will allow you to quickly surpass your competitors by using this extraordinary tool.

Cerebro is a very powerful application that will allow you to efficiently optimize your product listing.

We highly recommend this application. You can also make your own opinion by testing it for free.


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