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the psychology of a buyer on the Amazon website

Amazon has created an incomparable user experience in the e-commerce field. As a result, many competing platforms have been inspired by Amazon's success.

Amazon's success lies in the fact that a buyer can search, find and buy the product he or she wants with the greatest of ease. It is by optimizing the search for a product by keywords that Amazon has differentiated itself from the competition and built its success and legend.

When a customer makes a query on a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, they want to find "information" about a product.

But when a customer enters keywords into Amazon's search engine, they are looking for a product to "buy". The intention of a visitor is to buy, so it is essential to find the right keywords related to the product they are looking for. Especially since many sellers covet the first places in the search results. As a seller on the Amazon platform, you need to find the best keywords to highlight your product in the search results and win the competition.

You will need to place your keywords:

➡️ In the title of your listing

➡️ In the central saddle in the "keywords" section and more exactly in the "search terms" field

➡️ In the bullets points

➡️ And in the description of your product

This way you will tell Amazon that your product must be referenced for these keywords in its search engine. Thanks to these keywords you will be able to position your product in the search results.

What goes on in the head of a buyer who visits Amazon's website

1. The buyer, when he visits the Amazon website, already has a desire, a need and already wants to buy the product he is looking for. (He has a purchase intention)

2. The buyer already has a precise idea of the product he is looking for.
They want to find a product with a specific size, color and function. (He has a precise idea of the product he is looking for)

3. The buyer will convert the image of the item he/she has in the header into search terms on Amazon.
The buyer will then choose from the search results the product that most closely matches the image he has in mind.

4. The buyer then adds the matching product to their shopping cart.

Amazon's Algorithm

Search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, Amazon will rank search terms based on their relevance. But Amazon has its own way of ranking the products that are for sale on its site in its search results.

The core of Amazon's system is an Algorithm known by the code name A9. This algorithm takes into account the fact that a buyer is not looking for information about a product, but that a buyer has his or her credit card in hand, or has already left his or her credit card number on the site and wants to buy a product quickly.

Just like other search engines, Amazon will give importance to the search volume to rank a product according to its keywords. So far, nothing new compared to Google or Bing.

But Amazon is going far beyond that by taking into account the "purchases already made" by its customers when ranking. The A9 Algorithm will favor in its ranking the products that sell the best. It will therefore place the best-selling products at the top of the results.

It is important to understand that for Amazon, the visitor is not looking for information about a product, but to buy a product.

The criteria of a good keyword

Keywords must have two simultaneous criteria.

✅ The keywords must be specific enough.

✅ The search volume of a keyword is very important. In other words, you need to know how many times a keyword has been used to search for your product. You should only use keywords that have a high search volume but still be specific enough.

It is therefore important to look for sufficiently targeted keywords with a high search volume.

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